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If you are looking to transfer your house into the home of your dreams, look no further than Jenkins Remodeling and Flooring.  Bring your home out of the 20th century by letting us remove your old popcorn ceilings and wall coverings.  Let us replace them with something modern and chic.  Hardwood and Tile floors make a home stand out and bring a certain sense of style to a room that no other flooring or décor provides that is over and above the value they add to your home or business.

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A respected and sought after contractor, Jenkins Remodeling and Flooring specializes in installing hard surfaces such as wood, laminate and tile. Our years of experience provides you with confidence in the work and assurance in the end result.


Whether you are looking to update your home, fix damaged areas, or building a new home, you've found the right team for the job.  Free consultations and estimates are available.

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